Pet Surgery

Family and Friends Veterinary Care Offers Pet Surgery in Fort Collins, CO

Whether it is a spay and neuter procedure or treatment for a minor injury, many pets will require surgery at some point. While surgery can cause anxiety for pet owners and pets alike, your veterinarian at Family and Friends Veterinary Care in Fort Collins, CO, can help alleviate these worries with high-quality and compassionate care. We are here to tell you about some pet surgeries we perform and what to expect during and after the procedure so you can rest easy knowing your pet is in good hands.

Pet Surgery

Common Pet Surgery Procedures

The most common surgical procedure our veterinarian does on pets is spay or neuter surgery. Your pet will likely undergo this pet surgery at a relatively young age to prevent unwanted pregnancies and behavioral and health issues. Another frequent pet surgery we perform is dental extractions to remove loose or decayed teeth. Some of the most common urgent care pet surgeries include the removal of tumors, intestinal obstructions, and bladder stones or urethral blockages. We can also perform procedures to help with chronic infections, congenital abnormalities, and fracture repair.

What to Expect During Surgery

Most pet surgeries require anesthesia on your pet to ensure the safety of your pet and our veterinarian during the procedure. Doing this allows our veterinarian to perform the surgery without worrying about your pet becoming restless. Anesthesia also ensures your pet feels no pain during the operation. Our veterinary team will then carefully monitor your pet’s heart rate and breathing during the surgery. We will watch your pet until it wakes up from the anesthesia. Our veterinarian will give you aftercare instructions to ensure your pet heals correctly.

Your Pet’s Aftercare

Your veterinarian will provide full instructions on caring for your pet after a surgical procedure. These instructions generally include information on administering medications, activity levels, wound care, and feeding. You should place your pet in a quiet room to rest and heal after the surgery when you bring your pet home. Carefully monitor your pet’s incision site and keep your pet from scratching or licking it. Contact our veterinarian and schedule a pet exam immediately if the incision is bleeding, swelling, or oozing.

Get Pet Surgery From Family and Friends Veterinary Care to Protect Your Pet’s Health

Whether your pet needs spay and neuter surgery or a procedure to help an injury heal, Family and Friends Veterinary Care in Fort Collins, CO, can help. Our veterinarian can evaluate your pet’s condition and perform surgery to maintain its health and happiness, so call us and schedule a pet exam today at (970) 493-0204 to ensure your pet lives a long, healthy life.

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